Haylie Pomroy

—My program is greatly inspired and constitute major components from Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet program. Her book  Fast Metabolism Diet”Haylie “FMD” is a great source of happiness to me. I have read her book several times and also done her program repeatedly and It has changed my life. Her book and philosophy needs no introduction. Her book speaks volumes about her knowledge and mastery of good diet and metabolism fix. While reading her book, it feels like reading a drama series and you dont want to keep it down in anticipation to know what comes next. This is the time when I wish I was a professional writer/poetess so I could do justice to describe her  dedication to her cause and her book. I have done several other detox and diet programs over last 10 years and her program stands out as a very simple and non starving solution to boost metabolism and lose weight.

Mindful living Club has adopted Haylie’s philosophy of food group rotation and have used her phase specific food list to create its menus and eating guidelines in addition to several food related rules from Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” and from 7000 sutras from ancient Ayurvedic philosophy from Saint Vaghbhad. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to spread her name and advocate her book to people seeking help in managing their daily diet related issues.

Author: mindfullivingclub

A person dedicated and passionate about food and nutrition and feel very strongly about today's food, agriculture landscape and how capitalism is thriving at the cost of people's health. I am on a mission to do something about it. Please join and support the cause.

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