Invitation to join Mindful Living Club

Just Become Aware and Be Healthy

We live in a capitalist society. Businesses are looking out  more for thier profits than interest of common people like you and me. Market is full of products that are not safe or healthy for your body, mind and soul. They have made to the market/shelf by passing some regulations (I assume so) marginally or through finding some loopholes in the system (You know what I mean)!!!

Here is the mission I move forward with through my  Mindful Living Club. I  want lead people to a path of healthy lifestyle and want to unveil the truth about political, social and spiritual aspect of food and eating landscape.There are several factors why a common person is not able to eat in a healthy fashion. My blog covers of some of these reasons. Lot of it is tied to lack of awareness, some tied to political landscape behind agriculture and food distribution and some to our lifestyle that has made eating a mechanical activity. Today eating gives us calories but not the nourishment of body, mind and soul.

Through my club, I would like to introduce a lifestyle that is pure and natural  and easy to adopt & agree with your true self. A lifestyle that is full of meals that are appetizing, wholesome, nutritious and satisfying. A life style which bring you in touch with you true self and your true value system and with your purpose in life.It will help you cope up with various health conditions.

Mindful Living Club offerings

Get Lean, Stay Lean & Living with Pre-Diabetes Program

This service provides healthy lifestyle and weight loss support

  • Planning activity before the start of the Program
  • Pre-Designed Weekly Menus with portion sizes
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping List
  • Recipes
  • Cooking Techniques that will make meal preparation easier
  • Tools
  • Tips and Tricks

During the program

  • Daily Alerts, Reminders, Daily Quotes,  Motivation and Tips that will let you face life with Courage

Meal Customization/Personalized menu

Daily Mindful  and Stress management techniques routines

Creating Spiritual connection with your eating & with yourself

Finding your purpose in life

Post Program

Maintain weight loss attained during the Mindful Meals with Customized Menus, Recipes and Alerts

 Routine Evaluation of Goals with suggestions

The Living with Pre-diabetes offers following also:

  • A instructor led classroom/web based webinar course that provides  lifestyle tips and coaching related to Grocery shopping, meal planning, meal preparing tips, menus and recipes.
    • It also provide social support and incentives to stick to the program guidelines and have customer sessions for individual needs.
    • The members are supported through emails, What apps and txt notifications and reminders.
    • The team meets once in two weeks for a social event to celebrate thier achievements.

Author: mindfullivingclub

A person dedicated and passionate about food and nutrition and feel very strongly about today's food, agriculture landscape and how capitalism is thriving at the cost of people's health. I am on a mission to do something about it. Please join and support the cause.

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