Food Movement-BFI & Edible 101

To me, world seems to have turned into a very rough & unfair place to live. There is so much self centeredness, narcissism and greed. it’s “the whole world centered around me” mindset. Is it ever going to change?   I believe change is law of nature and it’s inevitable but in the past changes don’t take place overnight and change doesn’t take place because of political systems. Changes take place  because people become aware and they start realizing and becoming aware of unfairness and the issues in the system and start raising their concerns in some form or the other.

Food movement is real and it’s here. Berkeley Food Institute is working on educating people about it through various classroom courses and initiatives. These type of initiative will not only educate people about the food industry issues but will expose all the unfair and unhealthy practices of Food and Agriculture industry. Common people need to be aware on how food travels to their plates. What is the foot prints it is leaving behind? How many gas mileage, how many people, animals are unfairly treated. How many people’s rights were being compromised.

Once People will learn the story of Food; its journey; they  will  loose its flavor. The food does cause lot of issue in our body because of the way its is processed and most of poeple are not aware of it. Once they become aware, their conscious will rise and they will make  better decisions for them while purchasing food.

Mindful living Club will educate you on these decision and live with a clean conscious and will allow you to enjoy foods with no chemicals and preservatives.


Author: mindfullivingclub

A person dedicated and passionate about food and nutrition and feel very strongly about today's food, agriculture landscape and how capitalism is thriving at the cost of people's health. I am on a mission to do something about it. Please join and support the cause.

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