Mindful living club is forum to promote adoption of a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and manage various health conditions in a holistic fashion.

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Mindful Living Club: Get Lean

Mindful Living Club – “Get Lean” Program

Staying Healthy is tied very closely to eating healthy but it’s not just physical aspect of food that makes us healthy, its peripheral emotions around eating food that makes us lean and keep us lean, how we eat, where we eat, with whom we eat, how we feel about food, our attitude towards the food makes all the difference. ” The Concept of getting Lean” focuses on creating a holistic approach to our eating, starting from  grocery shopping to preparing to eating…It’s a journey that we have to take to get things in our plate. How we complete this journey makes the difference. These choices make us getting us to a ” Leaner” Version of us. Getting lean is not just physical, it’s our emotional and spiritual connection to yourself and to our  food that make us lean.

A  two  weeks long program that will reset your metabolism and re energize you leading to weight loss (up to 10 lbs) and manage your health conditions. You will become more aware of your daily routine & eating choices and will make mindful decisions about your meal plans. You will learn to prepare, plan, cook, eat fully and enjoy your food to a healthy “You”.

A program that will develop lifestyle habits, meals plans, cooking techniques and recipes that will stay you even after the program is over. It will also help you with management of your chronic disease tied to your bad eating habits.

During this program you will receive weekly menus, grocery  list, recipes and daily guidance, alerts, motivation quotes and personal advice on how to keep up with  the program.

Program Philosophy:

“Just Become Aware and Be Healthy “

MINDFUL LIVING CLUB: Get Lean program is a holistic approach to your health and is inspired/based on philosophy of Haylie Pomroy’s book; “Fast Metabolism Diet”, Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual laws of Success”, Michael Pollan’s- “Food Rules” and Ayurvedic principles based on Saint Bhagwat’s philosophy of “Kitchen as your Pharmacy” . It also incorporates basic principle of mindfulness from “Arkaya Yoga”. It’s a  total Mind & Body Detox“   LOSE UPTO 10 Ibs in a 2 weeks.

Program Fee;  Donation Based (All the earnings will be donated to Diabetes Prevention causes)

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