Mindful Living club promotes and guide people on how to practice the lifestyle that connects you with your “True Self” and gives you happiness including making correct choices about eating, wardrobe selection, how to pursue your passions, career, perfect relationships and dealing with crises in your life.

Close Communities are vanishing from our culture. Joining the club will help you find a close community that will be your guide in tough times and provide you with a holistic & mindful solutions to your needs.

Mindful living club’s ” Get lean, Stay Lean” programs help people bringing happiness to them through Food and nutrition and breaking away from poor lifestyle practices including eating habits and live life completely and pursue their dreams and life fully.

Mindful Living club philosophy is Inspired/influenced & adapted from the following sources. I have a great respect and admiration for the people listed here. They are people of courage and great character who are influencing the society in a positive way. I will never be able to write enough to praise them. They are living example of what they preach and need no introduction and praise. Reading their thoughts and idea and incorporating them as part of my lifestyle has changed my life and motivated me to reach out and help others to achieve their goals:

�Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet program (FMD): “As we grow older, we lose the “Burn” “ Fire/Agni to digest our food. This program will reignite that fire in your body. Many people follow low-calorie diets, which make your body move to starvation mode and stubbornly hold on to weight. This program will kick you out of this habit and give it permission to have abundance of food” Haylie Pomroy FMD
� Michael Pollan’s Food Rules –What to Eat – Food Journalist Food Rules What to Eat
Berkeley Food Institute “Edible 101” Berkeley Food Institute “Edible 101”
�Maharishi (Saint) Vagbhad’s Ayurvedic philosophy of “Kitchen as your Pharmacy“ He was one of the most influential classical writers of Ayurveda., a disciple of Charaka. He wrote 7000 sutra. 85% of diseases can be cured without a doctor; only 15% of diseases require a doctor.Maharishi (Saint) Vagbhad’s Ayurvedic philosophy of “Kitchen as your Pharmacy“
�Deepak Chopra (All his famous books on Natural healing” including Seven Laws of Spiritual Success) Deepak Chopra’s ” Seven Laws of Spiritual success”
�Arkaya yoga philosophy and routine of rebooting and resetting the body

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