Diabetes Prevention Program

This service provides healthy lifestyle and weight loss support for people who are pre-diabetic

DPP, Lifestyle change program is based on CDC Curriculum & runs for 1 year

qDPP ph1-first 6 months, you will meet about once a week

qDPP ph2-second 6 months, you’ll meet once a month

– During the sessions, a lifestyle coach, specially trained to lead the program will help you learn new skills, encourage you to set and meet goals, and keep you motivated.

– A support group of people with similar goals and challenges

Join Mindful living Club “DPP program “

“DPP” – only $25.00/month (First 6 month) /$10/month (next 6 month)  For enrollment, please send the email to care@mindfullivingclub.blog

First Session Starts Nov 1, 2017, Location and other details available on request.

Program Eligibility

  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B
  • Have, as of the date of attendance at the first core session, a body mass index (BMI) of at least 25 if not self-identified as Asian, or a BMI of at least 23 if self-identified as Asian
  • Have, within the 12 months prior to attending the first core session, a hemoglobin A1c test with a value between 5.7 and6.4 percent, a fasting plasma glucose of 110-125 mg/dL, or a 2-hour plasma glucose of 140-199 mg/dL (oral glucose tolerance test)
  • • No previous diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes (other than gestational)
  • • Do not have end-stage renal disease (ESRD)